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Rare Pictures

Click on the links below to view the different sections of rare pictures!

Personal pictures: Photos from Lindsay & Sidney's personal collection
Promo photos/Other photos: promo photos from Sunshine, Little House on the Prairie, etc
Sunshine: pictures from the 1973 TV movie Sunshine - where Lindsay and Sidney shared the part of Jill (age 2 1/2)
Little House on the Prairie: pictures from the series where Lindsay and Sidney shared the part of Carrie from 1974-1982. Also includes pictures of the twins together with their co-stars
Covers: pictures of different magazine covers featuring Lindsay and Sidney
Drawings: drawn pictures
Private pictures: different photo shoots of Lindsay and Sidney at home with their family
Birthdays: birthday pictures
Other rare pictures: various rare pictures of the twins - out and about! Also includes pictures of them with their family. Various photo shoots
Recent pictures: pictures of Lindsay and Sidney - all grown up!
Nancy's pictures: pictures of the twins from Nancy's collection.