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"I don't like being treated like a baby!" Lindsay Greenbush (Le Magazine Illustré, 1980?)

"We just do what they tell us. Sometimes we read a script. It's not hard for us to read". Sidney Greenbush (1977?)

"Little House was fun" Lindsay Greenbush (Globe, 1997)

"The costumes were extremly hot, due to their authenticity". Lindsay Greenbush (Us Weekly, 1990)

"The girls weren't happy the first few years. They were just children and everyone expected them to act like grown-ups". Billy Greenbush (People Weekly, 2001)

"Everything has pluses and minuses, but we'd probably do it together again". Sidney Greenbush (US Weekly, 1990)

"Robin actually fell because she had her shoes on the wrong feet. But Michael Landon ended up loving it. It was a natural accident and it became so treasured". Lindsay Greenbush (People Weekly, 2001)

"Michael ranted a lot. People wouldn't dare step out of bounds". Sidney Greenbush (People Weekly, 2001)

"Michael never made it fun for us. I was always petrified I was going to make a mistake". Lindsay Greenbush (People Weekly, 2001)

"Occasionally we'd read a script and we'd both want the part. Then there would be a big fight". Lindsay Greenbush (US Weekly, 1990)

"It really wasn't a big deal to us. Mom would just say 'it's Lindsay's turn'". Sidney Greenbush (US Weekly 1990)

"We loved Victor so much. He was so funny. He used to line all of us kids up in a row, then he'd make faces and do all kinds of stupid stuff to make us laugh". Lindsay Greenbush (Globe, 1997)

"Aside from the obvious demands of their filming schedule, Lindsay and Sidney are just regular fun loving kids". Carole Greenbush (1978?)

"Raising twins is a wonderful experience and I think every family should have a pair. Now, if they only had two mothers...". Carole Greenbush (1978?)

"I always wanted to make a living around horses". Sidney Greenbush (People Weekly, 2001)