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Little House on the Prairie (1974-1982)

In the hit television series (1974-1984), loosely based on the popular book series by Laura Ingalls Wilder, Lindsay and Sidney shared the part of Carrie Ingalls (who’s the youngest Ingalls daughter before Grace is born in season 4) for 8 years. In the Premiere Movie they were credited together as “Lindsay Sidney Green Bush” and in the TV series as “Lindsay Sidney Greenbush”.

It all began in March 1974 with the pilot episode (called “The Premiere Movie”) which starts with the Ingalls family’s decision to move from the Big Woods to the prairie in Kansas. For Charles (Michael Landon) and Caroline (Caroline), and their daughters Mary (Melissa Sue Anderson), Laura (Melissa Gilbert) and Carrie (Lindsay Greenbush and Sidney Greenbush) a long journey awaits them, and then both hard times and happy days in their little house on the prairie. But then suddenly they find out that the government has changed the rules - and their land is now to be returned to the Indians. So once again the Ingalls family have to move…

The television series started later the same year, and begins with the Ingalls family arriving in Walnut Grove (Minnesota). Throughout most of the series they stay in Walnut Grove (although for a while in season 5 they move to Winoka), and we also get to know many other people of Walnut Grove - like the Olesons, Edwards, Garveys, Doc Baker, Mr Hanson and many more.

The Ingalls family is also extended with baby Grace (Brenda Turnbaugh & Wendi Turnbaugh), Albert Quinn (Matthew Laborteaux), James Cooper (Jason Bateman), and Cassandra Cooper (Missy Francis).

But after the 8th season the Ingalls family decide to leave Walnut Grove - and the TV series. The series continued for a little more than a year, now focusing on Laura and her family - Almanzo Wilder (Dean Butler), Jenny Wilder (Shannen Doherty) and baby Rose Wilder (Jennifer Steffin & Michele Steffin), as well as the Carter family who moved into the little house.

The part of Carrie often isn’t a big part, but the girls still manage to add something special to each episode they appear in. Some of the most memorable Carrie moments are:
- Carrie causing Mr. Edwards A LOT of problems when he’s the baby-sitter + Carrie’s having problems getting Mr. Edwards to read her a story in the “right” way. (“Ma’s Holiday” - Season 1)
- Carrie buying a birthday present for Jesus (“Christmas at Plum Creek” - Season 1).
- Carrie going with her sisters to collect bugs, and falls down an old mining shack while chasing a butterfly (“Little Girl Lost” - Season 3).
- Carrie making friends with the Thanksgiving turkey (“Journey in the Spring” - Season 3).
- Carrie taking care of some bird eggs. (“A Most Precious Gift” - Season 4).
- Carrie getting in trouble for saying a bad word at the dinner table (“As Long as We’re Together” - Season 5).
- Carrie feeling lonely and creating an imaginary friend - Alissa (a part also shared by Lindsay and Sidney). (“The Godsister - Season 5).
- Carrie taking care of Grace while Laura turns Albert into a werewolf (“The Werewolf of Walnut Grove” - Season 6)
- Carrie trying to convince Charles that it’s actually Christmas morning - not night! (“A Christmas They Never Forgot” - Season 8).