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Interview: Rachel Lindsay Greenbush

February 16th, 2002

This in an exclusive interview for this website (http://www.zunshine.com) only. Please don't take it!

Big thanks to Rachel Lindsay Greenbush for agreeing to do this interview!!

How did you get into acting?
My father is an actor. His friend was sitting in a casting agents office waiting to read when the phone rang. When the receptionist got off the phone she made a comment to my dad's friend about where was she going to find twin girls to play this part. My father's friend replied Billy "Green" Bush has twin daughters. So the receptionist called my dads agent to set up an interview. That was for "Sunshine" with Cliff DE Young. Michael Landon saw that and wanted us to come interview for Little House.

What's your earliest acting memory?
I guess my earliest acting memory is when Robyn fell down the hill.

Is it true you and Robyn starred in the movie 40 carats?
40 Carats was a Movie my father stared in with Gene Kelly.

Is it true you and Robyn shared the part of the little girl in Five Easy Pieces?
Five Easy Pieces was a movie my dad starred in with Jack Nickelson. There is two scenes in the movie where my dad is holding a little boy. That curly blonde, blue eyed boy is my brother clay.

Could you tell us about your guest appearance on Matt Houston?
Everyone on Matt Houston was extremely nice and friendly. It was a great experience and very different from little house where I was treat like "Children should be seen and not herd"

When was your brother Clay born?
Clay was born on March 4, 1968

What is your favourite thing about being a twin?
Having a sister that understands your growing pains.

What is your least favourite thing about being a twin?
Have none

In what ways were you and Robyn different (when it comes to personality)?
She like country music, I'm more of a classic rock fan

I read somewhere that you are right-handed while Robyn is left-handed. Is this true?
We are both right handed

In some pictures you look taller than Robyn, and in others it's the other way around. Who really was the taller twin when you were little, and who is taller today?
Robyn is a tiny bit taller

Were you and your sister named after anyone, and if so who?
As far as I know we are not named after anyone.

There have been several different rumors about where you and Robyn went to collage and what you studied. To what collage/s did you and Sidney go, and what did you study?
Robyn and I both went to Santa Monica jr., I stopped going and she transfer to pierce college and rode on the rodeo team.

Is it true that you and Robyn have written a book?
She is working on a book.

Has your daughter ever done any acting, and if not would you want her to?
Katlynn has never done any acting but she has done a little modeling.

What was your favourite Little House on the Prairie episode to make, and why?
I don't have a favorite but I like the first ones the best.

Who was your favourite co-star of the kids (besides Robyn) on Little House on the Prairie?
I don't have a favorite co star

Who was your favourite co-star of the adults on Little House on the Prairie?

Who did the scene in the opening credits were Carrie is running down the hill with Mary and Laura and falls?
Robyn did the opening scene

What was it like acting together with Robyn in "The Godsister"?
It was fun and different to both work at the same time.

Who of the other cast members have you kept in touch with, and when did you last see them?
we all run into each other all the time. I get e-mails from Alison (Nellie) all the time

Could you tell us any fun stories about what happened behind the scenes of Little House?
Michael was always making faces and doing silly things to crack up Melissa

Could you give us some clues on how to tell you and Robyn apart on Little House on the Prairie?
Robyn's nose is shaped a little different her face is more oval and thin and she has a space between her teeth.

How did they divide the work on Little House for you?
It was divide by the hours of the day at first half and half. Then as we got older it was by the day.

Was there ever a time when only one of you played the part of Carrie (for several episodes in a row, or for a season)?
No I never did one whole season by myself

What was the worst thing about working on Little House on the Prairie?
Really time consuming and you don't understand that as a kid

What made you decide to leave Little House on the Prairie?
I wanted to take a break when I was 16 it is an awkward age to get work anyway and I just never went back.

Do you look upon your time on Little House on the Prairie as a positive or negative experience?
Positive experience