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Did you know?

- The girls believed that Charles and Caroline were the parents of Mary and Laura - but not of them! To them the Ingalls house was a place they visited.

- When they were little both Lindsay and Sidney were very much affected by the what they saw on the show. If the other characters were happy, they would too be happy, and the other way around. Sidney once started crying because Laura was crying in a scene, and another time Lindsay made big eyes at Michael Landon when he lectured Mary in an episode.

- Sometimes the twins weren't allowed to watch "Little House on the Prairie" on TV because they had to go to bed early, in order to be able to leave for the set early in the morning .

- When they were little, Lindsay and Sidney liked Michael Landon & Merlin Olsen a lot, but they were especially fond of Victor French.

- The now classic fall in the opening credits of Little House on the Prairie was an accident! At first the producers wanted to shoot the whole scene again, but both Lindsay and Sidney refused. Michael Landon decided they were going to keep the scene as it was, and it ended up being one of the most loved and remembered scenes of the show!

- The butterfly in "Little Girl Lost" was attached to Carrie's dress by a wire, so that it would always remain out of her reach, no matter how fast she ran.

- The girls went to public school, but also had a teacher on the set named Mrs. Mills.

- Both Lindsay and Sidney were very happy when Wendi and Brenda Turnbaugh were brought onto the show (as baby Grace), since it changed the was their co-stars treated them - finally Lindsay and Sidney were no longer the babies of the show!

- The girls grew up on a ranch in Malibu, but when they were 7 years old the family moved to a condo (also in Malibu) to be closer to school and the "Little House" set. (The family kept the ranch, and today their mother Carole lives there).

- The Greenbush family had a maid named Nancy, who was like one of the family.

- In 1975 the family pets were 6 horses, 8 dogs, 2 cats and lots of ducks, geese and chickens.

- There was once plans for a musical western movie starring the entire Greenbush family. The movie was to be called "Buckaroo", and was meant to be only the first of many family projects. Lindsay and Sidney were going to sing a song called "Every Time I go To Town People Kick My Dog Around".

- Lindsay and Sidney attended Sara Gilbert's 3rd birthday party. The party was planned by Melissa and Jonathan Gilbert, and included pony rides, a puppet show, and of course lots of burgers, soft drinks, ice cream and cake. Other guests included Shawna & Christopher Landon.

- When she was 9, Sidney liked to spend time in her tree-house, thinking.

- Sidney's favourite things to watch when she was 10 years old was ChiPs and cartoons -and of course Little House on the Prairie! Her favourite idol then was Erik Estrada.

- Lindsay's biggest idols when she was 10 years old were Erik Estrada & Larry Wilcox.

- When they were 10 Lindsay's favourite food was hamburgers, while Sidney liked desserts the best! (Lindsay also liked desserts, though)

- Lindsay and Sidney celebrated their 9th birthday on the beach at Malibu with their friends and family. They each got a huge birthday cake (one said "Happy Birthday Rachel Lindsay" in pink frosting and the other "Happy Birthday Sidney Robin" in blue frosting). At the party they all got to swim, surf and roast their own hot dogs.

- Lindsay and Sidney celebrated their 11th birthday at an ice-cream parlor in Encino (California), where they shared a huge bowl of ice-cream in 20 flavors and lots of toppings.

- Although Lindsay and Sidney started riding when they were only 3, they didn't start taking formal riding lessons until they were 13. Rachel excelled more, and Robin instead moved on to barrel racing.

- When they were little they somtimes tried to trick people by switching places. Once they swithced places when their mom was giving one of them cough medicine - and the wrong girl got the medicine!

- Lindsay and Sidney once got a Tobiano pony named White Wings as a birthday present.

- When they were 9, the twins had a dog named Blackbird.

- Lindsay loves butterflies (which could be why she was the one who got to do the scene where Carrie chases a butterfly in the Little House on the Prairie episode "Little Girl Lost").

- During Christmas 1978 Lindsay and Sidney made their first trip to New York City (it was Clay's first visit to! Billy had lived in New York for a while, and Carole had visited it several times). They were photographed at NBC, and interviewed by other kids on the show "Kids are people too" at ABC. But they also had time for sightseeing and several Broadway plays.

- During Christmas 1978 the girls also got to meet President Carter's daughter Amy! Earlier Lindsay and Sidney had written Amy a fan later, and Amy wrote back saying "Little House on the Prairie" was her favourite show and invited the twins to visit her at the White House.

- When Sidney married Charles Carccilo, Lindsay was the maid of honor, and her daughter Katlynn was the flower girl. Among the 250 guests were "Little House" co-stars Melissa Gilbert and Alison Arngrim.