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Matt Houston: Butterfly (1983)

Matt Houston (1982-1985) was a poplar TV series about private investigator Matt Houston, who solved cases together with his assistant C.J. Parsons. The episode "Butterfly" is from seson 2, and first aired in the USA on November 18, 1983.

A man known only as “St. Nick” is luring young girls into becoming prostitutes. 16-year-old Marcia Hall thinks she’s been able to get away from him - only to learn that he instead has found her little sister Butterfly, and plans to “give” her as a birthday present for a senator. After failing to get Butterfly away from him, Marcia turns to Matt Houston, who promises to help her get Butterfly back. When Matt tries to convince Marcia to go to the police, she instead sneaks off, and steals his car. Later the car is found - with Marcia’s dead body.

Lindsay (Credited as "Rachel Lindsay Greenbush") appears in this episode as Butterfly Hall, Marcia's 14-year-old little sister - and the person the title of the episode refers to. Together with her sister she's been on the run for 2 years - fleeing from an abusive step-father.

Some of the memorable scenes from this episode are Butterfly's conversation with the creepy St. Nick, Butterfly being tucked in by CJ after being rescued where she expresses her concerns ("CJ, can hockers go to heaven?"), as well as the sweet scene where she says goodbye and thank you to Matt.

Matt Houston - Lee Horsley
C.J. Parsons - Pamela Hensley
Lt. Michael Hoyt - Lincoln Kilpatrick

Guest starring:
Butterfly Hall - Rachel Lindsay Greenbush
Hadley Riley - Steven Keats
Judge Nicholas C. Whiterwood- Peter McLean
Melinda - Trisha Noble
Scottie - Ken Olandt
Marcia - Anette Sinclair
? - Beau Starr

Margo - Jacquelyn Selleck
Charlene - Kellyé Nakahara
Minister - Gerald York
Chris - Cis Rundle
Bailiff - Dana Scott Galloway

Picture used with permission from www.greenbushtwins.com
BIG thanks to Lindsay & Sidney for letting me use it!