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Hambone and Hillie (1983)

When the dog Hambone is seperated from his owner Hillie at the airport, he decides to walk home - from New York city to Los Angeles! On his long and maybe impossible journey he will encounter both dangers and new friends. Meanwhile, Hillie is being convinced by her family to move from her old house.

Sidney (credited as "Sidney Robin Greenbush") appears in this movie as Amy McVickers; a young handicapped girl, who lives with her grandfather. Hambone and another dog he has met during his journey stay with Amy and her grandfather for some time.

The most memorable of Sidney's scenes in this movie are proably the amazingly touching Christmas scene where Amy recieves a special gift from her grandfather, as well as the sad scene where Amy says goodbye to the two dogs.

Hillie Radcliffe - Lillian Gish
Nancy Rollins - Candy Clark
Tucker - O.J. Simpson
The Wanderer - Robert Walker
Lester Burns - Jack Carter
McVickers - Alan Hale
Roberta Radcliffe - Anne Lockhart
Michael Radcliffe - Timothy Bottoms
Amy McVickers - Sidney Robin Greenbush
Bert Rollins - William Jordan
Jere - Paul Koslo
Dognapper - Arnie Moore
Ellen - Nancy Morgan
Skip - Robert Feero
Manny - Alan Abelew
Angry Man - Lee Glassberg
N.Y.TWA Clerk - William Peavy
Edna Riley - Maureen Quinn
Baggage Handler - Vincent Doherty
TWA Ticket Agent - Kassinia Frenzelas
L.A. TWA Clerk - Hap Lawrence
Danny - Marc Bentley
Marci - Nicole Eggert
Shelly - Virginia Keehne
Pat - Gregory Brown
Chicago Sheriff - Bill Berry
Kathy Radcliffe - Jennifer George
Jeff Radcliffe - Wil Wheaton
Estelle - Lillian Adams
Dr. Simpkins - David Wiley
Highway Patrol Officer - Tom Preston
Motorcyclist - Scott Alan Cook
Mover - Robert Michaels