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Frequently Asked Questions

Is "Lindsay Sidney Greenbush" really two people?

Yes! That's a combined stage name for Lindsay Greenbush and Sidney Greenbush

Is it true Lindsay & Sidney aren't the twins real names?

Yes, it's true. Their real names are Rachel and Robin/Robyn Bush. (Lindsay and Sidney are their middle names). They were credited together for the part of Carrie on "Little House on the Prairie" - that's why many never knew that twins played the part!

What movies & TV-series have Lindsay and Sidney starred in?

The girls shared the parts of Jill in the TV movie "Sunshine", and Carrie in the TV series "Little House on the Prairie". Lindsay has also guest-starred in an episode of the TV series "Matt Houston", and Sidney starred in the movie "Hambone & Hillie".

They have also done several commercials.

Which twin played Alissa in the "Little House" episode "The Godsister"?

Both twins! Lindsay and Sidney took turns playing both Carrie and her Godsister Alissa in the episode.

Who is the older twin?

Lindsay is the older twin, born about 3 minutes before Sidney.

How can I tell Lindsay and Sidney apart?

These twins are identical, and it can sometimes be hard to tell them apart. When they were babies Lindsay was the bigger twin, but as they got older Sidney became the taller twin (she's still a little bit taller than her sister). Sidney also had a little bigger gap between her front teeth than Lindsay did, when they were little.

Study their eyes, smiles and freckles - after a while it gets easier to see who is who! :)

Are the girls still acting?

No, neither twin is still acting - they are both happy living "regular" lives, although they have stated they MIGHT consider going back to acting someday.