Little House on the Prairie - The Premiere Movie/Pilot

Charles and Caroline, and their three daughters Mary, Laura and Carrie, are leaving their little house in the Big Woods, since too many people now live there, and there isn’t enough game for Charles to hunt anymore. So they set out on a long journey to Kansas, where Charles builds them their new home. They will have to face many hardships, but also a lot of fun times - and they find a very special neighbour: Mr Edwards!

Carrie moments:
- Notice how close Carrie seem to be to Mary in this movie.
- When Mr. Edwards walks in on Christmas Eve all covered with snow, Carrie thinks it’s Santa!
- When she hears the Indians’ drums, Carrie starts to sing along to them..”boom, boom, boom..”…. which for some reason makes Caroline very angry.
- While she does seem to have a lot of fun in some of the scenes, many of them must have been really horrible for her! Especially the scene where she is placed in the middle of the creek during the fire….

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