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The birth of two little twin stars

On May 25th, 1970 identical twins Rachel Lindsay Rene Bush and Sidney Robin Danae Bush were born to parents Carole and Billy "Green" Bush, who already had a two-year old son - Clay. Rachel was born about 3 minutes before Robin. The twins spent their first couple of years just like any other little girls - learning to crawl, walk and talk - but soon they would be know all over the world as Lindsay Greenbush and Sidney Greenbush.

It all started when MCA were casting twins to play the part of Jill Hayden (age 2 ) in the 1973 Television movie "Sunshine" (starring Cristina Raines and Cliff DeYoung). Someone remembered that actor Billy "Green" Bush had twin daughters, and the girls were brought in for an audition - and got the part!

In an effort to protect the girls privacy their parents decided that they were going to use stage names - so "Rachel and Robin Bush" became "Lindsay and Sidney Greenbush". (In "Sunshine" they were credited as "Lindsay Green Bush" and "Sydney Green Bush").

The Sunshine Girls Move from the 70's...to the 1870's!

Shortly after "Sunshine" Michael Landon was casting for his new television series "Little House on the Prairie" (based on the popular books by Laura Ingalls Wilder), and the producer of Sunshine recommended Lindsay and Sidney for the part of youngest daughter Carrie Ingalls. Michael met the twins and decided right away that they were perfect for the part!

"Little House on the Prairie" first aired (in the USA) in 1974. The twins were credited together - as "Lindsay Sidney Green Bush" in the pilot movie (also known as "The Premiere Movie"), and as "Lindsay Sidney Greenbush" in the TV series, so that the viewers wouldn't know that the part was in fact played by twins. But the "secret" was soon revealed, and magazines all over the world have printed articles about the twins over the years!

"Little House on the Prairie" soon became a success all over the world, and still today, 30 years later, it is being aired in re-runs in many countries.

At the beginning the twins usually took turns playing Carrie in each episode. Sometimes they even switched in the middle of a scene (they looked so much alike that many people never even knew that it was twins playing the part!). But as Lindsay and Sidney got older they usually worked on different days, doing different scenes of the same episode, and sometimes they even took turns doing entire episodes alone.

In 1978 the viewers got a special treat - for the first and only time, Lindsay and Sidney appeared together in an episode called "The Godsister". Both girls took turns playing Carrie and her imaginary friend Alissa (who of course looked just like Carrie!).

Lindsay and Sidney kept playing the part of Carrie on "Little House" until 1982, when the whole Ingalls family (except Laura) left Walnut Grove. About one year later the series was cancelled.

Two girls - two personalities!

Even though Lindsay and Sidney are identical twins and look a lot alike, they of course each have their own personality.

Lindsay was bigger than her sister when she was born, but when they were 6 years old it was instead Sidney who was the bigger twin. She was, at that age, a bit more withdrawn than Lindsay, and known as the shyer twin. Lindsay on the other hand was more outgoing, appeared to have more energy and more of an appetite, but was also more likely to come home with bumps and bruises. At this age Lindsay really wanted to be an actress when she grew up, while Sidney did not.

When they were 7 years old, Lindsay was described as determined with a strong personality, while Sidney was much more calm and shy.

At age 8, both twins were said to be a bit shy around strangers, especially Sidney who was still the shyer twin, and who sometimes wanted Lindsay to respond in her place during interviews. According to dad Billy, Lindsay was outgoing like him , while Sidney was more calm and shy like her mother. Lindsay would often push her sister a bit if she hesitated in doing something (Billy believed that in a few years it might be the other way around). At this age Lindsay loved red, while Sidney liked green (most likely the twins changed their favourite colours several times over the years - just like most kids do). Lindsay wanted to be an actress when she grew up, while Sidney said maybe - she would also like to be a teacher. Maybe not that surprising since Lindsay claimed that Sidney was better in school (she studied more). Lindsay's favourite subject in school when she was 8 was math, while Sidney liked all the subjects, except geography - which she found broing!

When she was 10 years old, Lindsay was considered being much more serious than her sister. She was a bit of a perfectionist, who hated being treated like a baby. Sidney was more laidback, and known to take things as they came.

Twin Fun!

Between going to school and working on "Little House on the Prairie" you'd think that Lindsay and Sidney wouldn't have much time for any other activites - wrong!

The girls started riding horses when they were only 3 years old, and by the time they were 7 they had also learned to play the piano. When they were 8 years old they were also taking tap and ballet lessons. They also liked to go swimming and surfing.

When they were 11, the girls had also became cheerleaders at Little League baseball games and pom-pom girls with a marching drill team.

During their years on "Little House" the girls also took time to appear in several commercials, including one for Doublemint Gum.

Leaving the Prairie

After spending 8 years playing the same character on "Little House on the Prairie", Lindsay and Sidney couldn't wait to dress differently and wear their hair in different styles! They also wanted separate acting careers, and already in 1983 Lindsay guest-starred in an episode of the TV series "Matt Houston" (as Rachel Lindsay Greenbush), co-starring Lee Horsley, and the same year Sidney appeared in the movie "Hambone & Hillie" (as Sidney Robin Greenbush), co-starring Alan Hale Jr. But a few years later they decided to take a break from show business and focus on their schoolwork.

Both girls graduated from Santa Monica High in 1988, and neither of them has gone back to acting.

Lindsay today

After graduating from High School in 1988, Lindsay went to Santa Monica College. Together with Sidney she bought a 28-acre ranch at Malibu.

In 1993, she moved to Taos, New Mexico, where she bought a small house. While she was working at ski resort there she met a construction worker. Lindsay got pregnant, but ended up being a single mom to her daughter Katlynn Danae (born in 1995).Today neither Lindsay nor Katlynn have any contatct with Katlynn's father.

During the next few years she and Katlynn moved around a lot, including Acton (California), before settling down in Simi Valley (California) in 1999. There she met Frank Dornan, owner of a wrought-iron-fence business, and divorced father of daughter Shaylene (born 1987) and son Dan (born 1991). Lindsay and Frank got married in 2001, but are now separated.

Lindsay has always been very interested in horses. She learned to ride when she was just a little girl, and started taking formal lessons when she was 13. She joined her High School's equestrian team where she competed in both Western and English classes, and has also been doing some barrel-racing. Lindsay has also trained horses.

In recent years, Lindsay has worked as an equine iridologist and in property management. She's also involved with Kid Gloves Boxing Foundation. But her number one priority is of course her daughter Katlynn.

Sidney today

Sidney graduated from Santa Monica High School in 1988, and moved on to Pierce College. She bought a ranch at Malibu together with Lindsay.

Just like her sister Sidney has always been interested in riding, and learnt to ride an early age. She started taking formal riding lessons when she was 13, and has been in equestrian competitions. She later barrel-raced with her college rodeo team, before moving on to pro-rodeo and becoming a member of the Women's Professional Rodeo Association. In 2001 Sidney was considered the West Coast's top-ranked barrel racer!

On November 30, 1996 Sidney married machinist Charles Rikki Caraccilo, whom she met in a country bar. But they got divorced in May 2000. Later that year Sidney married William "Rocky" Foster, who trains horses for TV and movies, and who's also a veterinarian. Together they train and breed horses at their ranch in Visalia California. Sadly Rocky committed suicide on May 5,2009.